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    I will take note of that. Thanks.
  2. There you have it. Bob is not the kiss and tell kind of guy.
  3. Yes men most of the time cannot control their arousal and want it as quickly as possible. Girls would like it if men would linger... Are there any tips for them to do that?
  4. I think it is not so difficult to learn just like Spanish. But how to write in Thai is quite intimidating.
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    Ok. I will take your word for it. Feel free to send in more grammar tips. Thanks.
  6. In the language of photography enthusiasts at yahoo flickr, avatar is used quite a lot of times when they refer to self portrait and cannot remember aviator ever popping out. From what I have heard, a photo, which you download for your profile must be a real photo. On the other hand, an avatar is a graphic image or a logo that one may also use for his profile. Which would you rather have for your profile, a real picture or a logo?
  7. Yes, I think it is called an avatar. In the language of photography enthusiasts at yahoo flickr, avatar is used frequently and cannot remember aviator popping out ever. From what I've heard, a photo, which you upload for your profiles must be a real photo. While an avatar is a graphic image, a logo that can also be used for one's profile.
  8. I am not amused by Mr Bean, either. But I am entertained when my niece mimics here. I think my niece is funnier than Mr Bean. Hi there, Mr Bean.
  9. Bangkok clothes are a big hit in my province, especially among ladies. Pieces such as t-shirts and blouses are known to be simple yet classy because of the designs and the kind of material used. When I shop with my mother, she asks for the Bangkok ones. Because of her, I became choosy about the blouses that I buy myself. Every time I see the made in Thailand tag, I know it is a good buy.
  10. You are an interesting tutor, Thaimo, and the scream is quite a style. LOL I wrote down your I can't live without you-thing. I might need it in the future. How do you speak and write in Thai, anyway. Do you pronounce the letters the way they are pronounced in English?
  11. Thanks Thaimo. Yeah that was silly - one can't bake rye bread without rye flour. Well, I have not been exposed to that kind of flour yet simply because it cannot be found here. But I'll keep looking. I bake the old fashioned way, and I'll try lvdkeyes' white yeast bread recipe.
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    Most annoying words

    No problem. I love the song. I hear it over and over but it always sound like new, especially that many versions are coming out. My nephew who just started to walk dances to it euphorically.
  13. Santi is gone, too. Tino's in right now. We expect another typhoon this month, and one more during the holiday season.
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    X-Men Fans?

    Yes, I meant Jean Grey, played by Famke Jansen. I am sorry I got mixed up with my x-men characters.
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    The puzzle was easy, wasn't it? I am not sure about y as a vowel. That is something new. I was taught only 5 vowels in grade school. Send more puzzles.
  16. Ketsana and Parma had come and gone. As we speak Mirinae is here in the Philippines.
  17. finebyme

    X-Men Fans?

    In the first X-men installment (out of the Trilogy), a love loomed out between Wolverine and Rogue, which is of a kind so familiar that even if it was a special effects movie, it is now in my top ten romantic movies list of all time.
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    Acai Berries

    It is tart when it has not fully ripened yet. That explains why we sometimes eat it with a vinegar condiment - like the way we eat a green and unripe mango. I think our duhat is not in any way related to the grape or acai families except that it is berry-looking. One would not dare eat grapes or acai berries with a vinegar condiment.
  19. I want 60 million dollars, but would I need all of it? For now, I would take only a few thousands to travel to the cities and states I long wanted to see. And when I get home, I shall go back to my old work.
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    Speaking of nine, what is the 9-letter word that has only one vowel? And what is the 6-letter word that does not have any?
  21. Whew. This is intense. Cool it down a bit you guys. So, when's the Playgirl issue coming out?
  22. Might this add proof to the saying that age doesn't matter?
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    Eating Cockroaches

    Balut is not all embryo as one perceived it to be although it is not balut without the embryo. Inside is a yolk looking like the yolk in any hard boiled chicken egg and you can have that instead of the embryo. I don't mind other people find it disgusting to eat, some Pinoys would also find it as that. But cheese? Why? Blue cheese I heard is looking all moldy and green and stuff and they say it's good. I just want to take their word for it. It is mouthwatering even in my mind. I think I will love it.
  24. I know of a law degree holder who is presently cashiering, and not practicing as one would expect. She was hellbent at earning all the degrees she wanted, not knowing that there was a time to face the real world early in the day and started to earn for a living instead. How do we deal with this kind of people who had extraordinarily high hopes for the future by residing a lifetime at school only to live later on a kind of life that is altogether unacceptable to them?