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  1. We recently went on the all day adventure with the Grand Pearl Cruise. It started out by bus and ended with a river cruise. The day was spent at the summer palace of the King as well as the ancient city of Ayutthaya, the World Heritage site. The staff were great and spoke English and everything was easy to book and communicate. We used LINE to book and just paid via bank transfer. http://www.grandpearlcruise.com/en/route-program/route-program.html
  2. I bought both a Vitamix and a coffee machine from Bon Cafe and was impressed with their service.
  3. I had a gastric sleeve done at Bumrungrad in December 2017. I thought others might like to hear my experience. First, I spent a lot of time researching and talking to my doctor. He recommended a surgeon for me and I met with him. I liked him and we set a date for the preoperative procedures which included sending a camera down my throat and heart exam, etc. The throat exam was done under anesthesia and thus I remember nothing. But, all the doctors I met with signed off on the procedure so it was a go. The cost for the surgery was estimated at 650,000-700,000 Thai-Baht which included 4 ni
  4. I had to go to Pantip Plaza to get some cords for my computer. The place is fascinating. Shops in Pantip Plaza offer a wide selection of new and second-hand computers from most of the major manufacturers, together with a selection of secondhand and custom equipment. For me, I have build custom computers in the past and always found decent deals on memory, etc. Here are some photos from around the area and my journey to get to the space.
  5. Under the planned educational reform, Thai children will have access to optimum education and learning in happy atmosphere and become full-fledged under the 4Hs theme - Head, Heart, Hand and Health.
  6. In recent years the number of Bangladeshi students eager to go abroad for higher education has increased noticeably. Studying abroad not only results in achieving foreign degrees but also relevant skills and enriched experiences, as young individuals expose themselves to global cultures. For Bangladeshis, the countries mostly preferred for higher education are the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. However, some students also choose several good universities in Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, India and Thailand. I recently visited some of the best ranked univ
  7. It says much for the current junta’s ability to govern Thailand that they have chosen to exploit the very same idea, or one very near to it, which last year led them to depose their sworn enemy—former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. Or at least that was the feeling after Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak unveiled on October 16th a ‘swoosh’ styled, long-term program to kick-start the country’s lagging economy that featured front-and-center a… rice subsidy scheme. Smoked was nevertheless quick to point out that this new version is far better than that which Yingluck’s government int
  8. Having been a true lover of Olympics for decades, I was happy to see someone I have watched and rooted for come out and tell the world he is gay. I wish him great luck in his life and hope that he finds love and happiness!
  9. I loved the high drama with Hillary regarding the Benghazi hearings. However, she kept her cool and appeared not only Presidential but confident, approachable and calm. She was even funny at time. It was great to see her on this true test of what could have been a horrible day for her rise to the occasion and kick ass!
  10. Bangkok was busy with tourists this week. Many tourists are coming from China and other Asian countries. The vast number of tourists that come from these places will help to curb the loss of tourists that delayed or canceled their trip because of the bombings a few months back. Officials are now saying they expect to have 30 million tourists by the end of the year. That would be a great recovery since just a few months back, the world was predicting a massive slowdown to tourists to Thailand.
  11. I just got back from 3 days in Hero and every day there were tons of sexy guys and beautiful boys. The place is always clean and amazing. The massages are wonderful and the massage rooms are very clean. It is not your typical gay massage in Thailand. It is perhaps one of the very best. After 3 days at Hero, I have to say that it gets better each time I go.
  12. Gay Thailand is busy. The bars are busy and the clubs are busy. The gay areas in both Bangkok and Pattaya (last week) are also busy. But, my recent travel to Thailand told me that Grindr and Jack'ed are also very busy. I found some amazing guys on both. Gay Thailand is fun and enjoyable online and off!
  13. A very interesting story. I did find it interesting the Thai lady said that she didn't know they were not a "normal" couple. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3167994/Gay-fathers-battle-leave-Thailand-surrogate-baby-daughter-mother-says-not-normal-couple-refuses-let-child-passport.html
  14. I travel to India often and the visa process is always painful. But, not they have an online visa applicaiton process which makes it much easier to get a tourist visa.
  15. It has been a while since I stayed in this hotel and I am glad I gave it another try. The rooms were really updated to high standards and I had the biggest TV I had in any hotel. The rooms were large and easy to be very comfortable in. The area is fantastic. You are within walking distance of literally 5 of the best malls in Thailand. There is a great Starbucks across the street. The Executive Lounge is great and they were very professional and helped us with many things. The breakfast was amazing and the people who run the lounge are great. The bellboy who took my luggage up remembered me