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  2. I bought my mask here and the service was fast and reliable. They delivered for me in less than 3 days.
  3. We recently went on the all day adventure with the Grand Pearl Cruise. It started out by bus and ended with a river cruise. The day was spent at the summer palace of the King as well as the ancient city of Ayutthaya, the World Heritage site. The staff were great and spoke English and everything was easy to book and communicate. We used LINE to book and just paid via bank transfer.
  4. During 2020, will have a posting contest. All you need to do to enter is post 100 posts in any month and your name is entered into the drawing. One prize winner will receive 2,020 USD (cash, plus one round-trip economy ticket to Thailand value up to 1200 USD) in December 2020 at a drawing that is held to anyone interested at a local Bangkok pub. The way to enter: Make at least 100 posts in any one month over the competition period (February 1, 2020 through December 20th 2020). For every member that has 100 or more posts in any month, they will be eligible for the contest drawing. Each member that has 100 posts their name will go into a hat. One name will be drawn. For each 100 posts in one month that a poster has, their name is placed into the hat. To qualify, the posts must be reasonable quality. One or two word posts will not count. In December 2020, we will have a drawing and the person whose name comes out of the hat will be the winner. We will have the drawing in a public place in Bangkok with observers to watch the entries and the results. Rules* Judges decision will be final. Administrators and Moderators of are ineligible. *The competition and its rules are subject to change if circumstances are beyond our control. For each 100 or more posts in one month that a poster has, their name is placed into the hat. For example if JohnDoe posts 100 posts in February, his or her name goes into the hat one time. If JohnDoe posts 100 times in February, March and August, his name goes into the hat 3 times. If JonhDoe posts 545 times in one month, his name goes in the hat one time for that month. Please ask for any clarifications if anything in the above is not understood. It is a chance to have a free trip to Land of Smiles! The way to enter: 1. Reply to this thread that you are going to enter the contest! Post how many posts you have on day 1. 2. Each month that you have 100 posts, you get one entry into the contest. 3. Contest beings today and goes through December 20, 2020. 4. To qualify, the posts must be reasonable quality. One or two word posts will not count. While this post is in the main forum, there are other forums here as well and all qualify. We hope that you sign in and spend some time in the forums and if you have a review to submit of a hotel, bar, restaurant or city there is no better time than the present. Again, thank you for your support and we hope you have a wonderful 2020! Be sure your first post is in the Introduction Forum so that you can then post without Moderation! The staff at!
  5. HI I am a senior solo BUDGET traveler visiting Thailand in August. I have rooms reserved in Koh samui : Chaweng (4) nights and Lamai (4 nights) Suggestions needed for cheap eats Are beach bars a good value? IN most places if I order food can I use lounger+{umbrella for free? WHERE can I exchange English language paperbacks? I dont plan to rent a scooter or car so I need info on local bus/ tuk tuk NO mobile phone so I cant use UBER or GRAB services. Any and all tips much appreciated. MY goal is relaxing on a beach or people watching at a cafe
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