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  1. I've been gone for quite a long time!!! Hello everyone, I miss you. Haha. Just experienced some flooding today at home. Water went in and was a couple of inches deep! But that's not the bad news. This is worse. And sadder. http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/regions/11/23/09/buluan-vice-mayors-wife-media-men-beheaded It's just sad how men can do evil things against other men.
  2. We have a lot of stores here that sell China stuff, from php10 plates to php60 shoes! Anything and everything in between. As they would say God Made the world. Everything else is made in China. I even bought my daughter a php120 mini laptop that played nursery rhymes when I pressed the button (oh, you gotta love the mouse that comes along with it - it's a lady bug). The thing is, it plays the stupid tunes over and over and doesn't have any volume control. So it's noisy. Why buy a V-Tech computer toy for your kid when you can get one from china at one - tenth of the price? Hahaha. Of course, I know that since my daughter's still a year old, she'll be throwing her toys around,so a php120 toy is okay to buy. LOL
  3. Here's a confirmation: weight lifting does not stunt growth. Our heights are embedded in our DNA and other factors (my boyfriend's aunt is just 4 ft tall and they said it was because of a medication overdose when she was a kid), but not because of weight lifting. Yes, Wino, I also cringe at the thought of people pushing their kids to do strenuous sports at a young age. Tae Kwon Do at Three!!!
  4. That went on till the early nineties. I remember the ice cream store in our city where we would buy the magazine, and read it inside while eating ice cream. Weee
  5. Have you seen the Super Size Me documentary a couple of years back, when that man tried to eat supersized Mcdonald's meals for thirty days to find out if it was the major cause of obesity in the US.
  6. I'm 21. Have had numerous chances to learn how to drive, but I don't even know how to turn the ignition keys on. Well. I can turn it, but are you supposed to step on something? Haha. I don't know. I'm not that interested in driving. Or maybe I'm just scared. I've had millions of chances to learn how to drive motorcycles as well. My cousins who are three to five years younger than me already know how to do so. But I still don't. And I don'r care. (Bitter? )
  7. That's a pretty well - circulated email here in the Philippines. Lucky me, I learned English before I even turned one (true!) haha. It was my first language, even if I was born and raised here in the Philippines. I Blame it on my mom and my over - achieving nanny (who is now in the United States, by the way). I only learned Cebuano (a filipino dialect) when I was four years old when my nanny left us for two years to take a break and a new nanny who couldn't speak English took her place...
  8. And you would be surprised - Malik Nadel Hasan was a psychiatrist. Doesn't guarantee that if you're one you don't need help anymore. Now, if psychiatrists themselves need help - who do we turn to. PS. Rip to those who were killed in this senseless act of tragedy, and love and thoughts to their loved ones.
  9. Actually, the boy's father said that he had been training all his life, and tagged the boy along to the gym when he was training. That's when the little boy started to lift weight - started with playing with the small dumbells perhaps. But what's crazy is why they allowed him to do so. The father even said that the boy was always guided and was never allowed to lift weights on his own, and that he was never forced. "After all, he is still a boy. He likes to play and do other things as well." Whatever.
  10. Actually, I think the $4.4 million is just for the training course and the stay on the space pod. You have to pay for transportation to the space hotel, which costs another whopping $200,000.
  11. Yes, I hate it when I hear people in the streets call out to foreigners passing by. Even if they don't know the person they'd shout out, "Hey Joe!" (taken from the Tv series GI Joe). But I think that it's usually the lower class, especially men who hang out in the streets who do this.
  12. Another weird/scary thing. Got this off from a site: "A suburban New York music shop owner accused of selling knockoff Gibson Les Paul guitars had to be arraigned in a pickup truck in a courthouse parking lot, after his lawyer said the 500lb defendant could not walk into the courthouse. State Supreme Court Justice Robert Doyle said the man's 'severe weight problem', which prompted the unusual proceeding Thursday in Riverhead. A defense lawyer also had given the court a doctor's letter saying the defendant suffers from osteoarthritis. The shopkeeper has been released without bail after pleading not guilty to trademark counterfeiting and criminal simulation. He says the case and health problems have forced him to close his store. He is accused of selling bogus Gibsons for $1,500 (£760) to buyers who thought they were far more valuable genuine versions of the classic electric guitar." Photo of the man on the site: http://smashingmagazine.blogspot.com/2008/05/defendant-too-fat-to-enter-court.html
  13. Oh my God that is scary. When I was 15 I wanted to start going to the gym but my parents didn't allow me to do so because they said it would stunt my growth. Did that little guy grow, or is he still short? And besides, who would let a 2 year old lift weights?