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  1. Are you seeing mostly Thai guys on Grindr or mostly western dudes?
  2. It has a lock on it - his partner holds the key.
  3. If you were, say, 25 and worked from home where you had unlimited access to free porn would you have the same level of self control?
  4. You should also understand that these are not "iron". Most of them are very comfortable plastic, though some people shell out extra money for stainless steel. I notice that one single random video on the subject on YouTube has more than 88,000 visits.
  5. You probably know dudes who engage in chastity belt play - they just don't talk about it. Think about it - do you really know how many of your female friends own vibrators? People tend to not talk about their sex toys and there is no way you could possibly know if a dude was wearing one. About three years ago I did advertising work for a very small sex toy boutique and they were selling about 500 a week and a friend of mine runs an adult novelty store in town and has told me she has trouble keeping male chastity belts in stock. That article is really biased - in general it's not about humiliation (though I'm sure some use it for sub play) it's almost entirely about getting deeper and more intense orgasms.
  6. Male chastity devices are the second biggest selling sex toy in the industry (second only to vibrators) so I would guess the number is a lot higher.
  7. That article really isn't giving you the full story. Most of those devices are really discreet so it's not that humiliating. Plus, you have to sit down to pee, so you won't have to worry about being found out at the urinal. Plus, they provide the dude with a greatly enhanced orgasm and make sex - when it happens - feel about 10 times better than before. Most couples make the dude wear it during the week and then it comes off on the weekend - and you would not believe what it's like to come when you've been locked up for five or six days. Regular sex and/or masturbation desensitizes the penis. Keeping it under control a bit can be a hot sex game that's satisfying for both members of the couple. You can learn more here:
  8. smoker

    Acai Berries

    Astonished or afraid?
  9. smoker

    Acai Berries

    I think I may be the only American to have never once stepped foot in a Wal-Mart.
  10. smoker

    Acai Berries

    I'm back in the states now and almost every organic produce store has them and some of the regular produce stores has them - but they are expensive.
  11. smoker

    Acai Berries

    Wino. That quick weight loss thing was not what I was trying to imply. I just like the taste of the berries. That pitch is just weird.
  12. Hey, if I was stuck in Alaska and the only way to get out and get a life was to knock up the daughter of a religious nutboggle, I'd do it.
  13. smoker

    Forever Roman

    He was explaining because his words were mistranslated and taken out of context.