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  1. Wino

    Only in California

    Some people might compare Californians to breakfast cereal, you take away the fruits and nuts and all you have left are flakes.
  2. Wino

    Forever Roman

    Roman Polanski is not the only one with a very selective memory. Was Bill Clinton's grand jury testimony based on historical fact?
  3. I bought some coffee filters at Friendship years ago. They were expensive as I remember. I bought a new coffee maker at Big C and it has the reusable filter. It is so much easier and cheaper in the long run.
  4. Wino

    Forever Roman

    Here is the latest in the Roman Polanski case. By Kim Willsher in Paris, Monday 3 May 2010 Roman Polanski has broken his silence to decry the US for seeking his extradition from Switzerland on a 33-year-old child sex case. Oscar-winning film-maker Roman Polanski has broken his silence to criticise America for seeking his extradition on an under-age sex case that dates back 33 years. In an emotive open letter, published in France and entitled, I Can Remain Silent No Longer, the director, who is under house arrest in Switzerland, says he is only seeking to be "treated fairly". H
  5. Apparently, the death penalty is so important to Californians that they spend $125 million a year administering it, plus $400 million recently for a new death row and execution chamber even though the state is notoriously nearly bankrupt and even though, in a death-row population of more than 700, only 13 have been executed in the past 30 years. (As News of the Weird mentioned last year, one killer demanded the death penalty instead of life in prison because death row has better facilities and because, like nearly everyone on death row, he expects to die of disease or natural causes before the
  6. Didn't the Warren Commision investigate a funny looking guy on the grassy knoll in Dallas with a saucer-type aircraft hovering overhead? Now that is a leap of faith when you start trusting government!
  7. Wino

    How Rich Are You?

    How rich are you? by Jeanine Skowronski You are richer than you think. At least according to Poke, a London-based creative company that specializes in interactive media. Their Web site, The Global Rich List generates a wealth ranking for its users based on their annual income. For example, if you make $52,000 a year (the median American household income for 2009), you are the 58,252,719 richest person in the world (or in the top 0.97 percentile of all moneymakers). Someone who makes half of that ($26,000 a year) is still in the top 10%, ranked 569,942,529 on the Global Rich List.
  8. Oh yeh of little faith! Come on, if our long hair guy with sandals can turn water into wine and have a virgin mother, why can this yogi walk on water, too? And that 1956 baloney sandwich incident was a vicious story started by that other yogi group. I think somebody named Boo-boo started that rumor, and if my memory serves me right, had something to do with a picinic basket.
  9. The Catholics aren't the only ones with a corner on the miracle scene. This from India. After 15 days of investigation, India’s Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences concluded its study of 82-year-old yogi Prahlad Jani on Thursday, May 6. Jani, who claims to have lived without food or water since his childhood, was under the close watch of three video cameras 24 hours a day. Researchers conducted various medical tests on him. The research team, consisting of 35 scientists, could not find any evidence that Jani ate or drank anything during the 15 days. Doctors have not found an
  10. The insurance you talk about only covers the motorcycle, is that right? No damages for the other party or medical expenses? I suppose that insurance would be bought through an insurance agent?
  11. It couldn't hurt and who knows, it might help!
  12. That is the way to go. I am sure the guy went out with a bang, too bad it was at the age of 45.
  13. The visa on arrival is good news. The generals are a bunch of power hungry idiots, but the people I have met there are some of the nicest anywhere in the world.
  14. LONDON, May 1 (Reuters Life) – Just five minutes of exercise a day in the great outdoors can improve mental health, according to a study released on Saturday, and policymakers should encourage more people to spend time in parks and gardens. Researchers from the University of Essex found that as little as five minutes of a "green activity" such as walking, gardening, cycling or farming can boost mood and self esteem. "We believe that there would be a large potential benefit to individuals, society and to the costs of the health service if all groups of people were to self-medicate more with g