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  1. hi wannago... hope that your wish list will come true in 2010. nice to meet you... i was so exciting to know from other country.
  2. so exicted to going there...but i'll save for money first...
  3. i don't drink any alcohol, i'm sorry i must vote don't drink. but i respect for anyone who drink alcohol and still gently, not drunk without any reason.
  4. air asia help many people to travelling arround the world. and in 2010 i hope many promotion for many destination too...
  5. i hope someday i will going there to taste the spirit of luxury ritz carlton in Thailand. Hehehhee.... From that story, it will be interesting going there....
  6. i'm sorry.. i'll try to my best. and thank you for input... i've missing some text yesterday... so here, i'm say i'm sorry.. peace of all.
  7. with many airlines going there so many way to get there also Phuket. i think many tourist will be grown up and Thailand will get more famous..
  8. oh... i can't wait to go there.... the beaches like Kuta-Bali too ?