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Repartee, BS and other topics of Interest


  1. The Pub

    Where Everybody knows your (screen)name... And they're always glad you came' (adapted from Gary Portnoy & Judy Hart Angelo) A place for friends and acquaintances to gather for friendly exchanges over a glass or cup of a favored beverage. Open to general topics not covered elsewhere including Current Events. No Politics or Religion please. The line is thin but bright. Discuss the topic, not the policy or personality.

  2. Hot Spots

    Discussion of Clubs, Dance Clubs, Bars, Saloons, Restaurants, Massage Venues, Live Theater, Resorts and Cruises primarily located in Thailand. Please post foreign venues in the appropriate geographic forums to permit easier information retrieval.

  3. World News and Politics

    What parties are you affiliated with? What did you think of the last election? Why are the leaders of the world meeting about the environment? These and any other news and political issues can be discussed in this forum. Just be careful to debate as gentlemen and ladies and not as vicious cats.

  4. Computers and Technology Forum

    For those of us who are tech lovers, this is the forum to discuss the latest phone, OS, gadgets, viruses, glitches, etc.

  5. Recipe Exchange

    Got a good recipe to share? We all need to eat and some of us LOVE to eat and to cook. Here is the place to share a good recipe for others. Be sure you are not taking it from the web and that it is YOUR recipe and not cc by someone else. A violation of this will end in termination of your account.

  6. Suggestions and Comments

    Let us know how we can improve the site or help you have a better experience here.

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