Favorite Mac Programs: Evernote

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I love Evernote. I would not make it through a day or a week without it. I love the way it helps me to organize data and to have it handily available for me.

Evernote is (from Wiki):

Evernote is a free suite of software and services designed for notetaking and archival. A "note" can be a piece of formattable text, a full webpage or webpage excerpt, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten "ink" note. Notes can also have file attachments.

Notes can then be sorted into folders, tagged, annotated, edited, given comments, and searched.

On supported operating systems, Evernote stores and edits the user's notes on their local machine.

Users with internet access and an Evernote account can also have their notes automatically synchronised with a master copy held on the Evernote server. This approach lets a user access and edit their data across multiple machines and operating system platforms, but still view, input and edit data when an internet connection is not available.

Where Evernote client software is not available, online account-holders can access their note archive via a web interface, with more limited functionality.

The Evernote software can be downloaded and used as "stand-alone" software without setting up an online account, but will not be able to upload files to the Evernote server, or use the server to synchronise or share files between different Evernote installations.

As well as the keyboard entry of typed notes, Evernote supports image capture from cameras on supported devices, and the recording of voice notes. In some situations, text that appears in captured images can be recognised using OCR and annotated. Evernote also supports touch and tablet screens with handwriting recognition. Evernote web clipping plugins are available for the most popular internet browsers that allow marked sections of webpages to be captured and clipped to Evernote. If no section of a webpage has been highlighted, Evernote can clip the full page.

Where suitable hardware is available, Evernote can automatically add geolocation tags to notes.

The online service also allows selected files to be shared for viewing and editing by other users, and allows integration with Twitter for storing or forwarding "tweets". Users can also use the Twitter system to add notes to Evernote remotely, by sending tweets from any Twitter-capable device.

The cost for Evernote is 45.00 a year. I find it totally worth it. I like the ability to have extensions installed in my browsers and I see a page that I want to remember I just hit my Evernote button and it is now in Evernote with all data, the url, etc.

If I forget the name of the article, I simply type in one word into my search in Evernote and it will appear.

It allows me to easily find things that I have saved in the program. I also find it easy to store data there. For example, I have tons of photos. I don't like lugging them around with me. Every month, near the end of my upload limit, I upload all my photos from IPhoto for safe storage. This gives me a way to back all of them up.

Also, I have family that I want to be able to access all my personal information. I had my sister install a copy of this on her computer and she keeps that synced. Now, if she needs to know my flight info, she goes there and it is pulled up. If she needs to see a copy of some document, it is there. All my PDF's are synced and all the words inside them are search-able.

I LOVE Evernote! It is one program I cannot do without.

Welcome to your notable world | Evernote Corporation

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