What To Do If Cellphone Is Dropped In Water?

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Let's hope this does not happen to you but what would you do if your cell phone is accidentally dropped in water? Not guaranteed to work, but it is worth a try. I saw this on the internet and it worked for someone out there. This guy’s blackberry was in water for thirty seconds. He did the following and it worked. Here is what he did.

1. Take the battery out immediately. The reason most phones stop working after a water bath is because the battery shorts the phone. DO NOT turn the phone off. This is crucial.

2. Take a zip lock bag and fill it with uncooked rice (instant rice also works). Insert the phone into the rice and leave it for two or three days. It sounds crazy but the rice soaks up the moisture. May help to leave the bag of rice on something warm like the TV.

3. You have to be patient. After both the phone and battery are dried out. Insert battery, and hope it works.


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