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Bariatric Surgery at Bumrungrad Hospital

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I had a gastric sleeve done at Bumrungrad in December 2017. I thought others might like to hear my experience.

First, I spent a lot of time researching and talking to my doctor. He recommended a surgeon for me and I met with him. I liked him and we set a date for the preoperative procedures which included sending a camera down my throat and heart exam, etc.  The throat exam was done under anesthesia and thus I remember nothing. But, all the doctors I met with signed off on the procedure so it was a go. The cost for the surgery was estimated at 650,000-700,000 Thai-Baht which included 4 nights in the hospital.

The procedure itself took 2 hours.  I was in the post op room for 2 more hours and then in my room.  The doctors and nurses took great care of me in the room.  The first night was very uncomfortable but not a great deal of pain.  They did have me on pain killers. It was hard to sleep though although I felt I got more sleep in those 4 days than ever in my life. 

I had two doctors that checked in on me daily.  The nurses were never more than one minute away if I pressed the button. They were professional and the room was great.  I opted for  a single room and it had a table and chairs and a sofa. It allowed me to move from my bed to different places in the room during the day to sit and read email, etc.

The hotel Internet was great and never went down. The food was very bland as I was on an all liquid diet but that was expected.

When the doctor released me, I felt fine and no pain.  I had to go back to the doctor two times the first week to have the stitches removed and get checked.  All was good and after those two visits, I was told to come back in one month.  They put me on an all liquid diet and it has been fine.   After 2 weeks of surgery I had lost 25 pounds.

I can't express how much I recommend Bumrungrad.  If others are interested in the doctor's name, PM me and I'll be happy to share.


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