Breakfast Places in Pattaya

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I'll admit that I love Breakfast and I think it is a very important part of my day. I get up early and I like to eat early. Pattaya is a party paradise. There is simply no place on earth like it. It has every thing a man can desire here: sexy guys and gals, great gogo's, a plethora of like minded falangs, an infinite number of secret little hidden gems that people know only by word of month or just happen to wander by.

Well, for a few months, I'll try to find some of these little gems in my desire to find a great Breakfast place. I'll test many. I'll love many. I'll hate many. My opinions are only that. They are opinions. I hope everyone realizes that I grew up in the deep South in the USA and to me, good Breakfast entails Biscuits and sausage gravy. I have yet to find that in Thailand but I'll keep searching.

I'll try to find 20 decent places in Pattaya that I would be happy to eat in again. I'll rate these on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best.

Here goes:

Stop 1: Grottino's Bakery in Soi Day Night 2

I have eaten at Grottino's Bakery quite a bit over the years as I use to live directly above the place and they open very early. They serve good coffee. They have a host of regular clients. They are German/Swiss owned and they have a large German clientele. I am not German but I have always felt welcome and comfortable in there.

Today, I had the Breakfast Special for 150 baht. This included 2 fried eggs, several small pieces of bacon and a bread basket. The food was tasty and good. It was served fast and it had a very pleasant look to it.

Grottino's is very clean and the chairs are comfortable. The staff has always been friendly and quick to take orders and deliver food. It is located right in the Day Night 2 area directly across from Pattaya's best Thai food at Salt and Pepper. You will notice Grottino's by the big penguin out front. It is easy to notice and the bakery has lots of signage.

Overall, I liked the food at Grottino's. They have some great hash browns and some German delicacies that I have not seen to many places but for today, I attempted to try just a regular Breakfast special. It tasted good and the service was fast. The cost is very reasonable at 150 baht. A soda is 45 baht. :)

I would give this place a 3.5 out of 5.




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