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  1. For some reason I can't get ' and " and ^ above the letters anymore. I have Eng/Thai keyboards installed, this could be the reason ? Any suggestions how to do this without switching to Thai keyboard etc. ? Thanks.
  2. Good overview today at telegraph.co.uk click here
  3. 3 weeks ago I was denied a double entry tourist visa. 'have too much tv's already, you get a single only and it is the last time'. For me not really a problem, as the care for my old mum gives me the right to apply for a year visa, but I wonder how do others solve this ? Submitting the application via the guys outside the embassy who offer their non-free services could it help ? After March 31 the visa seems not to be free anymore, will this change anything ?
  4. March 13, 14 2011 suddenly the climate is very different, starting with rain on the 12th, Monday morning it's cloudy and dark, not warm at all. Sunday afternoon it became warm but a very pleasant temperature, not hot at all. Glad the exhausting heat is suddenly over and wonder how long it stays like this, what a suprise !
  5. Anyone recommendations regarding translators ? It's about a software-website translation, the text is in a HTML file, so the translator must have the software to extract the text from the HTML and place it back etc, or translate by hand directly from within the coding, like I do myself with few other languages. Anyone recommendations are very welcome, so I can contact the translator to get a quote, I pay per project not per hour. Thanks. Asd
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