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  1. Excersize and movement is nice...... But in this case, has everything to do with diet [crappy], mindset, and lifestyle.
  2. True, there might be a consensus - but some might challenge the beneficial aspect.
  3. Even more bizarre, is that the BKK Post uses a Noam Chomsky reference.
  4. well as Thailand during this period. The number of American military personnel that deserted and renounced their citizenship was outstandingly high.
  5. Over and above the statements above - historically, the U.S. takes a grim look towards citizens that desire to have dual citizenship. Completely difficult for the average American citizen....but not impossible, because it's been done in certain circumstances.
  6. Personally, as we are a farming household, I'll rise at around 4AM.....listen to the quietness of the countryside waking up with my first cup and a ciggie. The best time of the day for me.
  7. Unfortunate as it might be within many circles.....this 'war' isn't over. The state of affairs in LOS will continue to remain undivided and unstable for the immediate future. Some still fear the worst is yet to come. Let's hope not.
  8. Yes. Normal. The normalcy of the criminally enrich oligarchy. Normal - for Thailand.
  9. Looked around....liked what I saw. I'm Somchai from Sisaket. Nice to be here. Hope to be contributing in the coming future...