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  1. Brits do not get any SS or health benefits if they reside outside the UK. But they can go out of the country on 'short holiday' and still collect SS benefits. But no health claims will be entertained. Also state pension benefits are frozen if residing outside the UK, ie no annual index increases will be applied.
  2. A 'rich nation' ... hmmm looking at the US government published data seems to me like a 'indebted nation'. I don't doubt that the US is a rich nation, but the national debt seems to be heading the wrong way, at an alarming rate. Time for the government to WAKE UP.
  3. That's quite an old news report. Bit inaccurate. The man confessing to the stabbing is 32 years old. Phuket expat’s killer: I acted alone PHUKET: A 32-year-old man has confessed to the murder of German expat Wolf Kesselheim, telling police he acted alone and in self-defense. Chalong police arrested Pittaya Srijitraporn yesterday evening at Kata viewpoint, where he made a living charging tourists to pose in photographs with sea eagles. Mr Pittaya was paraded before the media at a press conference at Chalong Police Station this morning. He admitted to stabbing 66-year-old Mr Kesselheim, who wa
  4. à¹You are entitled to your view, and you might be correct. But all ex-US Presidents are entitled to the respect of the office.
  5. I quite sure he would only have been granted a maximum of 7 days extension if he only has a visa on arrival (30 days).
  6. Oh dear, more trouble at Phuket Airport with the taxi drivers all squabbling about concessions. If they do block the airport, that will be another nail in Phuket's tourist industry. Protest over Phuket Airport limo concession PHUKET TOWN: Some 100 members of the Phuket Airport Limousine and Business Cooperative Ltd (PBC) assembled at Phuket Provincial Hall this morning to protest a new concession that gives a rival group of taxis the right to operate 30 new vehicles at Phuket International Airport. Airports of Thailand (AoT) yesterday approved a request by Phuket Mai Khao Sakoo to operate 30 m
  7. Here is a story from Phuket's other paper, Phuketwan. Phuket Transport Wins Probe as Former PM Visits By Chutima Sidasathian and Alan Morison Friday, January 22, 2010 Phuketwan News and Analysis AN INVESTIGATION is to be made into Phuket's future public transport needs at a cost of 500,000 baht, the island's Transport Director, Kanok Siripanichkoon, revealed yesterday. He gave Phuketwan a full account of the number of tuk-tuks and taxis on Phuket . . . and an explanation of the financial pressures now coming to bear on some drivers. Share Tuk-tuk and taxi alternatives are expected to be discu
  8. Yes I agree that any sort of scheme is better than nothing. However it is very telling that many many Thais prefer to struggle with the fees for private treatment. I've had a life time of (free) National Health service in the UK, and as soon as I could afford it I paid for private health insurance policy.
  9. So if the meter starts at 250 baht then the tourists won't see much difference in these outrageous fares. In Bangkok I can catch a meter taxi from my hotel in centre of town out to the airport (Don Muang) for less than 200 baht. I shall be watching with interest, plenty of Phuket Govs have come and gone, all pledging reforms with Tuk Tuk rates. Nothing has even happened. I expect the same with this Gov.
  10. You might want to reconsider that. At this time 84% of votes counted. Looks like Brown is winning, maybe won ... Edit update FOX News report claims that Brown is the winner. Coakley has conceded.
  11. Some say ??? Have a look at the various polls. They are ALL showing a close vote, some show Brown up a few points, other show Coakly up a few points. Now that the media have highlighted this situation I expect that the Democratic voters will turn out in force and Coakly should win. BUT what an upset if Brown did win. I will be watching the result with great interest.
  12. I learned to 'turn the other cheek' in Patong years ago. Especially after a Thai guy pointed a gun at me for tooting at him when he stopped to chat with some massage ladies, and blocked the main road. Maybe not uncommon in the US, but for a Brit it's very far from usual. Welcome to Patong
  13. Ok, I apologise if I offended anyone. I did try to soften my reply by saying it was a rhetorical answer, using the same sort of words as the previous poster. I thought you would all see the (black) humour in my response. I am astonished that you all have not heard the term POTUS. It's often used in books (I read fiction like Ludlam & Clancy) where the US president is referred as POTUS by the secret service. Just google POTUS, plenty of references, even in wikipedia.
  14. Are you serious ???? where have you been all your life never to have heard about POTUS. Maybe you are as dumb as a post. Note - rhetorical answer.