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Phuket Beach Holiday Tragedy: Young Boy Drowns

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Here is a local Phuket story that caught my eye. And the follow up comments really caught my attention. Have a careful read through them, and lets have your opinion.

Phuket Beach Holiday Tragedy: Young Boy Drowns

By Alan Morison

Friday, January 1, 2010

WE PUBLISH these photographs, of a boy being wheeled into Vachira Hospital about 4.30pm today, knowing they will shock. The boy, Phuketwan. regrets to say, is already dead.

As Phuket enjoyed a holiday that marked the first day of a new year, of a new decade, full of sunshine and hope, this young boy drowned at Nai Harn beach.


In the ambulance with the boy on the too-late journey from the southern holiday beach to the Phuket City hospital were two women.

One, we believe, was his mother. Both were shedding tears that made this reporter want to weep along with them.

For Nai Harn is, like all of Phuket's popular beaches, unprotected by lifeguards. It has been for many weeks now, weeks when Phuket residents and tourists have been enjoying a swim in the high-season sunshine.

There is a dispute about money and tenders. The authorities continue to debate how the problem will be solved.

Meanwhile, on a trolley in Vachira Hospital, a boy lies dead. The weeping will continue.

Phuketwan weeps for the boy, and for Phuket.


Dear Alan,

Although I do fully support the protection of life-guards at each and every beach in Phuket and appreciate Phuketwan's vision and opinion on this serious matter, I feel that several of the photos 'showcased' on your webpage are very disturbing: not just only for the relatives of the young boy. And hope you don't mind me saying that the phrase ..."One, we BELIEVE, was his mother. Both were shedding tears that made this reporter want to weep along with them."... is a pathetic way to fill up a webpage. I have, and still do, always trusted Phuketwan for it's journalistic quality; to just assume that 'a lady' is believed to be the young boy's mother... this is way below your par...


Posted by Michel on Friday January 1, 2010 at 19:16

What a sad start into the year. My first tears for that boy who could be mine. Make the foto a poster and bring it to the PM's vacation hotel. Write down the number of all victims in 2009 and this as no.1 in 2010. Write down "NO LIFEGUARDS IN PHUKET. WHAT A SHAME. WHAT A SHAME!"

What we all feared happened (again). May the little boy rest in peace, may the gods have mercy with his mother and family. Everyone responsible for the no-lifeguard policy in Phuket should pay tribute to him and his family (will not happen, I know).

Posted by Lena on Friday January 1, 2010 at 19:52

Dear Sir/Madam

Although i admire this website, please do remove those pictures of this poor little death boy and relatives. Please give the death some dignity and the relatives some privacy.

Thank you

Klaus R. Rauter

Posted by Klaus R. Rauter on Friday January 1, 2010 at 20:11

Unnecessary to show the photos, rather ghoulish, in fact. Did you follow the ambulance from Nai Harn Beach? Weep all you want.

Posted by Laurence Welland on Friday January 1, 2010 at 20:22

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