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Superintendent of Pattaya Police Orders Crime Suppression

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PATTAYA – May 17, 2014 [PDN]; at Thapphraya meeting, Pattaya City Administration, Pol.Col. Supphachai Phuikaewkham (Superintendent of Pattaya city police station, Chonburi province) chaired a meeting on May, 2014 in order to provide a policy to all the police officers about suppressing crime in Pattaya city.


Then the chairman of the meeting provided a policy of monitoring and taking care of the security of 62 foreign attendees who will come to attend the APFSD meeting during May 19-21, 2014 at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Pattaya city, which includes 3 leaders of 3 countries and 3 ministers. The chairman of the meeting also stated that the police are to perform their duties strictly and to stop any adverse incidents occurring to the attendees especially the country leaders.


Also the superintendent of Pattaya city police talked about suppressing crime especially gambling dens and narcotics. He also said they need to find ways to solve the problems of stealing and snatching property which are difficult problems to be solved. However, the superintendent asked for the cooperation of every police officer to assist to solve the problems in order to prevent such adverse incidents occurring while the APFSD meeting is taking place in order to set a good image of Pattaya city.



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