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Mayor to tackle Patong corruption

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Patong is my hometown and I know what the problems are here and who made them. My goal as mayor is to fix these problems and make Patong a good place to live and visit. A number of members of the town council are from former mayor Pian’s Rak Patong party, but I don’t anticipate having trouble working with them if their goal is the same as mine – to make Patong better.

The most critical problem is corruption and the illegal businesses that it allows, such as illegal taxis and tuk-tuks, undocumented immigrants and the use of public space for private enterprise. One solution to this particular problem is to establish fair pricing for taxis and tuk-tuks.

The second serious problem facing the town is yearly flooding. When I was a girl, floods weren’t a problem – there were rice fields everywhere and rainwater drained through them. But now buildings and concrete have replaced the fields and water must flow through drains that are too narrow and blocked with garbage. I will increase the size of the drains and have them cleaned out.

Traffic is the next issue, and I have ideas for both Patong Hill and the beachfront road. For the hill, I want to see a system put in place to quickly clear accidents, because until that road is made safer there will continue to be accidents that paralyze traffic. The system would include a holding area that damaged or broken down vehicles can be moved to and repaired. -


See more at: http://www.phuketgazette.net/opinion/Mayor-tackle-Patong-corruption/29463#sthash.dHDt4z9X.dpuf

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