How To Extend Your Thai Visa at Bangkok Immigration

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If you need a visa extension while in Bangkok, here is what you do.  First, the visa office is not on Sathorn Soi 3 anymore. They have moved near the old airport and it is a massive building.



They open at 8:30 and it is best to go early but I have been told that most times you go there is little wait for the extension.

Address: No. 120 Mu 3 Chaeng Watthana Soi 7 Thung Song Hong, Laksi Bangkok 10210



You can take a taxi or go by public transportation.  I did each and I much prefer the taxi although more expensive. The taxi from the Sathorn area was around 200 baht each way depending on traffic.  And, I told them to take the highway to make the trip faster and that was about 100 baht more each way as well.

For going by Skytrain, take it to Mo Chit station and either take the buses or a Motorcycle Taxi.  It is a hike from there via bus so it depends on your time.  I did the bus with one of my Thai boys and he knew what to do.  It was much longer than taking the taxi in no traffic as we switched buses 2 times and had some walking to do.  I did not take the train back. :)  We just took a taxi as there is a slew of them waiting outside for you.

You will need your passport, an application that you get at the office, a passport photo and a copy of your passport and current Thai visa stamp.  You will be asked for your telephone number and address in Thailand.  I was never asked for this in Pattaya but I was here.

The office will make copies for you if you need for a charge.  I didn't need photos so I don't know if they do that for you or if it is available in the building.

Once you fill in your application in Office 1, you will go back and get a ticket number at the counter.  It is very quick to do and then you wait by the area of your letter on the ticket.  Mine was Letter K and I was called in about 5 minutes.



I gave them all my stuff and they took about 30 minutes to process.  They called me back with a stamp for an extra 7 days.  You get 7 if you have a 30 day Visa or 30 days if you have a 60 day visa.  I believe the cost is the same for both: 1,900.

You can then just take the passport and leave.  Like I said, there are taxis outside waiting.  The place is much nicer than Pattaya and the speed was great.  I was impressed with the whole thing.




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