Best Pizza in Bangkok

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Visit #1: Best Pizza in Bangkok Tour

A Review of the Finest Pizza in Bangkok

Limoncello Ristorante Pizzeria

The Limoncello Ristorante Pizzeria located in one of the most popular restaurant/night club area of Bangkok. A full menu of Italian dishes of the highest quality, is available imported from Italy every week. The Pizza’s made in wood oven is considered among the very best in Bangkok.

It is across the street from the Grand President Hotel and it is before you get to Bed Super Club.

The place is very cozy with Italian music playing at a level you can hear but enjoy conversations. The yellow and white table tops were cute. There were several families there.

This is owned by the same group as Zanotti's.

We ordered a special Pizza called the Zanotti with ham and mushroom and a great tasting cheese. We also had drinks and an order of Calamari. We all enjoyed the pizza and the atmosphere. I esp. enjoyed the taste of this pizza. It was not my typical NY Style Pizza I like and the crust was thin and light but the taste was great. Plus, our waiter was a cute boy from Italy. :)

We each gave Pizzeria Limoncello 4 Stars. We all enjoyed it.

The cost was 1200 baht.

The best thing about this place is that it is on the same soi as my favorite massage place, Hero. So, for those who want an afternoon snack before you get a Hero desert, it is within walking distance. :)

Pizzeria Limoncello

Soi Sukhumvit 11, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Tel: +66 02 651 0707








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Visit #2: Best Pizza in Bangkok Tour

A Review of the Finest Pizza in Bangkok

Scoozi Pizza

The address is hard to find even on their website but the pizza place is right across the street and down a block or two from the Tarntawan Hotel.

Scoozi has 18 branches in Bangkok and so this review is only for this branch.

We wanted something that was fairly close to the gay bars and choose Scoozi. I have eaten there on many occasions in the past and always enjoyed it. I first found the place many years ago when a friend was in Bangkok studying Thai and I met him and we went there for dinner.

I love the inside as you can actually watch the guys making the pizza. The Pizza is cooked on a hot wood fire. It is really fun to watch them and see the progress of your pizza. Tonight, we decided to order the Hawaiian Pizza. The cost was 450 baht. We all had drinks as well. l

The pizza crust was great and one of our favorite things. So much so, the BF ate the last piece but only the crust. The pizza had plenty of cheese on it as well as it tasted great. The pizza is supposed to be framed after those from Napoli, Italy.

Scoozi has online ordering and having stayed in the Sathorn area in the past, we ordered from it on several occasion and it was good but not as good as the in house.

Last night we sat inside but they seats are very uncomfortable. The ones outside are much more comfortable and you do get some eye candy that walks by.

Our Hawaiian Pizza was excellent and we all really enjoyed it. We gave it 3.8 stars out of 5. (2 of us gave it 4 stars and one gave it 3.5)

Attached are a few photos.



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