The CDC study on guns...shut down.

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The CDC study on guns...shut down.

by lutznancy

...In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he and other researchers at the CDC started looking at gun violence in America.......their conclusions caused the NRA to to lobby Congress and put enough fear into our esteemed politicians to cause them to withdraw the shut the whole study down. But look what they found!...


..."We started looking at gun violence as a public health problem at the CDC in the late 80s and early 90s." Rosenberg says. "The standard line from the NRA is that you should have a gun in your house to protect you."

The results of their study speak for themselves: not only does owning a gun not protect you, but it increases the risk of homicide for people in the home three times, and increases the risk of suicide five times.

The same science that researchers use to study traffic deaths and other safety issues can be applied to the study of guns and their impact on the health of society.

"We're being held hostage to firearm violence," Rosenberg says, citing the NRA as the cause. "All of the science that could possibly give us answers is being stopped."

While a tremendous amount of research has been done to stop other leading causes of death, like cancer, or traffic deaths, Rosenberg says that the NRA has successfully put a stop to any work that might have been done to decrease firearm injuries and deaths.

Gun control has not been an issue in this country in years. Democrats have dropped the entire issue. They are so afraid of the NRA that even after all the horrific gun violence in our country in the last year, not a peep about any new gun control laws.

More of the diary on DK: http://www.dailykos....-guns-shut-down

NPR story: http://www.thetakeaw...t-gun-violence/

I heard the story Friday morning and wanted to be shocked, but just couldn't be. The NRA is too powerful for me to be shocked at this.

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