Buffalo racing in Chonburi, Thailand

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I visited Thailand last year in the month of October, and was invited by my friend to witness the annual Buffalo race in Chonburi town. I could not resist the temptation to see how a domesticated buffalo would assume the role of a celebrity. This amazing event was also covered by CNN and BBC news channels.

Before the races begin, I met the owner of the buffaloes. They all looked so much prepared and serious about the event. Then, begins the race! These bulky animals ran at an alarming speed and the crowd went mad while roaring in support of their favourites. The excitement was anyhow short of a horse race. The fun and excitement did not end here! There were so many food stalls offering delicious Thai foods, snacks, and sweets. Take a small walk and you can witness concerts of folk music and an interesting beauty contest for winning the honour of being Miss Buffalo.

There are plenty of photo opportunities to capture for an amateur photographer. With October just round the corner, it is certainly a good idea to travel to Chonburi when you go to Thailand.

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It was a fun day. They also had food stalls and typical stuff for sale. They had oiled poles with money pinned to it and kids were climbing the oiled pole to get the money. I also saw 2 kids straddling a beam. They were wearing boxing gloves and punched each other until one fell of the beam. The whole thing reminded me of American county fairs.

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