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  1. Some times I have to put down my bowl of CoCo pop's at breakfast time just to allow my self to shake my head in a violent and disbelieving fashion. Ive lost count of the times ive read articles of news like this one , lets make Thailand a XXXXXX or lets make Thailand a Hub of this or that , it reminds me of my school boy day's when I managed to bribe the school nurse Mrs Crimple to let me become the Editor of the school Bi Monthly magazine '' Badger '' . My time spent behind the bike sheds helping dear Mrs Crimple fulfill her wildest fantasies, paid off and I was given full control over the content that went into Badger . To promote my self as every young and budding would be editor does, I wrote several articles outlining just how wonderful the school was, and how the headmaster Mr D H Dombey was intent on making the school a Hub for those boy's who had a leaning towards the wonderful world of Exhibition Cake Baking. here's yet another Hub Korn to propose new public debt plan By Piyanart Srivalo The Nation Published on August 23, 2010 The Cabinet will tomorrow consider the Finance Ministry's request to lift public debts and the Tourism and Sports Ministry's proposal to turn Thailand into an international film-making destination. Finance Minister Korn Chatikanij will propose a revised public debt management plan to the Cabinet tomorrow, an informed source said last week. The Public Management Office will increase its management portfolio to Bt1.7 trillion from the previous target of Bt1.65 trillion. The domestic borrowing ceiling will be raised by Bt42 billion to Bt720.6 billion, as the fiscal reserves will be used for early redemption of bills of exchange worth Bt42 billion. Thanks to higher-than-expected revenue, the fiscal reserves at the end of 2010 fiscal year will be Bt347.4 billion. The ministry also plans to increase its foreign borrowing by Bt22.78 billion, in addition to the Bt99.94 billion previously planned. The new borrowing will finance extension of the Red Line mass transit train by the State Railways of Thailand. The ministry had signed loan con?tracts for 63.02 billion yen (Bt23.2 billion) with the Japan International Cooperation Agency in March. Commerce Minister Porntiva Nakasai will also report to the Cabinet about her discussions with Japan's minister of economy, trade and industry last month. Her counterpart had expressed concern about the lack of progress in reducing car taxes. Japan has urged Thailand to lower the tax on big cars with engine capacity of 3,000cc and up. On the Tourism and Sports' proposal, filmmaking in Thailand should be entitled to 100 per cent value-added tax refund, zero income taxes on foreign actors, a cut in shooting equipment import tariffs, and the cancellation on movie films. This follows the proposal of a committee chaired by the ministry's permanent secretary and representatives from the private sector. The filmmakers will also win tax credits, 15-20 per cent of all paid taxes, which would be returned when they return for a new film making. The committee suggested that the tax incentives would strengthen Thailand's potential as a shooting location, with sufficient resources. The incentives are designed to make Thailand attractive to both existing and new filmmakers. All taxes paid account for 10 per cent of total investment, while VAT is only 3-5 per cent. The cuts and abolition would not affect the government revenue, while the Revenue Department can collect more indirect taxes, the committee said Article Link Cheers - Frank
  2. I thought I would see if there's any Mac FanBoys here , I'm using a 2008 2.8 iMac 24 inch , any one else on a Mac Cheers - Frank
  3. Hi Bob , the humor was in a photo I included in my post but it was removed due to forum rules I will send you a PM I told you I would get banned Cheers for now - Frank
  4. Ive just received a letter in the post from my daughter back home and I thought I would let you guy's see it Hi Dad hope you and Noi are well You'll be happy to hear that I have finally left Raz my black boyfriend. I know you didn't approve of him because of his race, drugs conviction and the fact that he was ten years older than me. I found, as you suggested, a nice white English boy the same age as me. Attached is a recent photo of the two of us at a beer festival . He's looking forward to meeting you and Noi on our next trip to Thailand . Your loving daughter, Mary xxx I'm Gutted
  5. Hi Bob , Ah yes the little Head my instrument of doom the little bugger that can't say No . I all ways thought that one day it would get me into big trouble be it financial or medical, its been my curse from the day I was born when the nurse commented to my mother, Oh he's a Big Boy , and that's how my nick name Big Boy came into existence .In my early school days at St.Catherin's I started to notice people looking down at my baggy grey school shorts and grinning. I just thought the smiling was due to the large Brown vinegar soaked Conkers I kept in my pocket . As you say , Not much happening here lately .......... I wondered about that Bob well must go now as Noi's mother is waking up from her Mekong whiskey induced slumber and she will want to see if her online dating web site has found her a suitable farang boy friend and future Husband Cheers - Frank
  6. I came across this forum by accident while looking online for local clinic that could take care of my new and unexpected unsightly swollen lower body part , So I thought I would stop by and say Hi to you guys here and see how long it takes for me to be banned , flamed or generally hated . Ive now moved to Korat after 7 hazy years spent in Pattaya doing what divorced and fancy free blokes normally do , while in Patters I found the person of my dreams , the one who has changed my life , the one who knows how to genitally apply Tiger Balm with out making me smart , the one who after all this time still loves to call me Big Boy and means it ,so now we are together in Korat . Just me , Noi and her mum , cousin and some strange old woman who keeps taking things from the fridge . Well now ive dipped my toe in this forum waters . Well I must go now as I can hear the strange old woman trying to un do the new lock ive just fixed to the fridge door Cheers - Frank
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