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  1. Some times I have to put down my bowl of CoCo pop's at breakfast time just to allow my self to shake my head in a violent and disbelieving fashion. Ive lost count of the times ive read articles of news like this one , lets make Thailand a XXXXXX or lets make Thailand a Hub of this or that , it reminds me of my school boy day's when I managed to bribe the school nurse Mrs Crimple to let me become the Editor of the school Bi Monthly magazine '' Badger '' . My time spent behind the bike sheds helping dear Mrs Crimple fulfill her wildest fantasies, paid off and I was given full control over the
  2. I thought I would see if there's any Mac FanBoys here , I'm using a 2008 2.8 iMac 24 inch , any one else on a Mac Cheers - Frank
  3. Hi Bob , the humor was in a photo I included in my post but it was removed due to forum rules I will send you a PM I told you I would get banned Cheers for now - Frank
  4. Ive just received a letter in the post from my daughter back home and I thought I would let you guy's see it Hi Dad hope you and Noi are well You'll be happy to hear that I have finally left Raz my black boyfriend. I know you didn't approve of him because of his race, drugs conviction and the fact that he was ten years older than me. I found, as you suggested, a nice white English boy the same age as me. Attached is a recent photo of the two of us at a beer festival . He's looking forward to meeting you and Noi on our next trip to Thailand . Your loving daughter, Mary xxx I'm Gutted
  5. Hi Bob , Ah yes the little Head my instrument of doom the little bugger that can't say No . I all ways thought that one day it would get me into big trouble be it financial or medical, its been my curse from the day I was born when the nurse commented to my mother, Oh he's a Big Boy , and that's how my nick name Big Boy came into existence .In my early school days at St.Catherin's I started to notice people looking down at my baggy grey school shorts and grinning. I just thought the smiling was due to the large Brown vinegar soaked Conkers I kept in my pocket . As you say , Not much happen
  6. I came across this forum by accident while looking online for local clinic that could take care of my new and unexpected unsightly swollen lower body part , So I thought I would stop by and say Hi to you guys here and see how long it takes for me to be banned , flamed or generally hated . Ive now moved to Korat after 7 hazy years spent in Pattaya doing what divorced and fancy free blokes normally do , while in Patters I found the person of my dreams , the one who has changed my life , the one who knows how to genitally apply Tiger Balm with out making me smart , the one who after all thi