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  1. Part of the 'fun' in running a forum!
  2. I discovered this program by chance, and unlike other types of Memory cleaners, it does not overload your memory to clean it! This liitle prog, produces more ram by fixing 'leaking programs' such as firefox, and many others. I am not a techie, so can't really give you much info here, but if you are interested visit: They have good review of the prog with a download link. You'll be amazed how much RAM it recovers. Be interesting to know if you think this is a good little prog. (As I do!)
  3. There are just so many Anti Virus progs. out there, some being free! They all have diffrent detection rates, so I try a new 'free' prog. from time to time. You might like to try : A.squared - It's a stand alone prog, so can be used in conjunction with other progs, the same as you can with Malware Bytes Anti malware. I've just changed from AVG free to Avira Anti Vir free, and this picked up on viruses that AVG did not find! If I have an inkling of infection, I'll try the online scanners as well, for example: Windows live online scanner just to mention one, there are so may if you google for them!
  4. I post on several Thai Forums, and I thought I'd give this a go!