Passport Renewal, Cambodia and Thai Visas

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Here's the situation guys.

My USA passport expires in mid-January 2012.

I arrived in Cambodia a few days ago and have a 30 day business visa which can easily be extended for the extra 3 months I need.

I also have a Thai retirement visa with a re-entry permit.

It seems I'll need to get a new passport so that when I re-enter Thailand I'll have a passport with more than 6 months validity. I assume that it's not a problem that my retirement visa and re-entry permit will be in my old passport?

Now, I am wondering how long it takes to get a new passport issued and should I apply for the new passport ASAP and then the Cambodian 3 month extension or should I get the extension first and then apply for a new passport?

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It was really very simple to do as mine expired a few months back an I had to have it renewed in Bangkok. I had only 6 months left and I have to make some trips to South America soon so I went to the Embassy in Bangkok to renew the passport.

First, if you book online and show up at the appointed time there is no wait. They take your paperwork, make sure all if filled out correctly and send you to the cashier. Once finished, you take the receipt over to the window and they take the information. They tell you to have a seat. In less than 5 minutes, I was called over to the window and said I would get an e-mail when the new passport was ready in 2 weeks or so.

Seven business days after, they sent an e-mail. I showed up and they took my old passport and changed it for a new one. The gave me the old passport back with holes in it as well as a letter to go to the immigration in Thailand to have the Visa moved over.

The pick up was less than 10 minutes. There are certain posted hours for the service and if you show up on time, it is very fast and painless.

I would think Cambodia would be the same. It is faster than in the USA and it is done in diplomatic pouches.

The cost was a bit over 100US for the renewal. They are also now charging for added pages and you are only allowed 3 additions to your passport. There were several I met who were very upset at this as they still have years remaining on the passport but they have had 3 additions and they are not allowed to add more. The officers did tell them they can get a temporary passport but not more pages.

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I renewed in Phnom Penh. A nice little friendly embassy there but security is tight with a double entrance. Right accross from Wat Phnom. Saved me the hassle of going to Bangkok.

No problem extending my Cambodian visa evern though the original entry was in my old passport.

Do not anticipate problems renewing my Thai retirement visa as the stamp in my new psssport looks correct.

Turnaround was about a week even though the passport is sent to Washington for processing.

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