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Koh Samui - Land of Beauty

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For ardent vacation lovers, Koh Samui in Thailand is a must visit place. It is quite different from other parts of Thailand. It is a 3rd biggest island of Thailand. It is situated in the Gulf of Thailand, and is encircled by around 60 other islands. Its distinct features include white sandy beaches, crystal clear seas, and moving coconut trees. In the recent past, coconuts were the prime cash crop of the island. They were the backbone of the island's economy. All this is enough to make prospective tourists visit this island. All this gives the island a hip look and helps it establish its unique identity.

Koh Samui has many tourist attractions, so you won't be bored for ever. They include: Angthong National Marine Park, also called as the Golden Basin. Here you can participate in snorkeling. The Samui Aquarium is a famous undersea world. Another attraction, the Tiger Zoo Ko Samui is the home to Bengal tigers and leopards. Wat Khunaram Ko Samui is the renowned temple on the island. It is dedicated to former abbot of the temple, who was a meditation master. Devotees come here to offer homage to his mummy. One more important shrine in Ko Samui is the Laem Sor Pagoda Ko Samui. It has yellow tiles that give a golden hue to the temple. Koh Samui also has the Big Buddha. It has a 12 metre tall idol of the Buddha at the Wat Phra Yai.

Besides going sight seeing, you can also participate in the dancing held at the Full Moon Party. It is regarded as the trendiest and jazziest dance party ever held on the island.

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