Wining and Dining at Ko Samui

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Southern Thailand is famous for few of the world's most exotic recipes. This also includes Koh Samui, where people have used their imagination to choose and showcase food. Whether you visit a roadside vendor or a classy restaurant you are sure to get something fitting your taste and pocket.

Samui has 3 chief areas for restaurants and bars, and another 4 isolated places to check out. The first and most famous is Chaweng beach which has a wide array of restaurants to select from. They include French, Japanese, Italian and Royal Thai. They are located on the beach, below the stars, under a thatched roof or in cool comfort.

Located in the north, close to Big Buddha lies Bophut beach. It was once a fishing spot, but today is littered with an array of restaurants and is the gastronomic capital of Koh Samui. The silent and scenic setting makes this spot an excellent place for a romantic dinner. These restaurants are the restored wooden houses of the past and offer you French, Indian, Thai, Italian and seafood cuisines. They are very close to the sea.

Besides international cuisine, Big Buddha beach has various excellent Thai restaurants. Outstanding and creative pub food can be bought from snazzy cafés, littered throughout the area.

To the island's south, lies Lamai beach, the 2nd biggest beach. Eating here is more economical than Chaweng beach and has numerous small, family run Thai eating joints. You can also get an enchanting blend of restaurants from European to Asian fusion, thus satisfying everybody's tastes.

Maenam is one the island's most peaceful and scenic beaches. Here the restaurants fit everybody's pocket and serve cuisines from throughout the world. It is filled with street stalls where you can buy a part of Pad Thai and have it on the beach for a cheap yet unforgettable eating experience.

If you are daring and enjoy eating unfamiliar dishes, go to the south-east and west coasts. Here a large portion of island's fresh fish is caught, making it a seafood paradise. There are some small unnamed restaurants here that can provide you a tasty meal and a cordial Thai welcome

Koh Samui is a foodie's delight and you will remember all the food you had here.

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