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A Traveling Guide For Phuket, Thailand

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Thailand is slowly becoming a popular vacation destination simply because the country has opened its doors to everyone for a visit. If you have a passport, you can fly to Thailand and experience its beaches, interesting culture, natural wonders, and all its wonderful places of interest. Flying to Thailand gives you a 30-day tourist permit. Get in by land and you will get 15 days worth of vacation time.

With that said, flying to Thailand becomes the better option to get there, especially if you intend to stay in the country for a month-long vacation. And as far as leisure time in Thailand is concerned, a great destination of choice is Phuket.

Phuket is a major island of Thailand and it has the best beaches around. It a modern tourist island, so to speak, as it has got everything you need during your vacation. In fact, the Phuket International Airport is a very busy one, ranking a close second to the city capital of Bangkok. Millions of tourists flock to Phuket every year and they all want to see and experience the major beaches of the area, along with its secluded smaller islands.

Phuket is a relatively large place. So it is best that you decide on your mode of transportation when you get to the vicinity. Renting a car is always the best option, if only for the fact that Phuket has limited public transport. Taxis may be plenty but they are extremely expensive and are not the safest vehicles for a tourist to take. There are shuttle buses operating within certain districts of the island too. They offer a good option for moving around town, although they aren't the most convenient mode of transportation either.

Car hire facilities are highly available in Phuket and one has different options when it comes to the type of vehicle to hire. There are motorbikes and jeeps offered, aside from the regular sedans or 4x4's.

Phuket is a nice place to spend your next vacation at. Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and visitors from the West and other parts of the world are highly invited. Enjoy swimming, boating, and island hopping in Thailand. It is indeed a great place for fun and relaxation for you and the whole family.

Article was compiled by Eamonn Turley who writes for specialized in car rental in Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

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