New system to focus on science and maths in selected schools

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Schools in Thailand will soon adopt an innovative education system that will help young learners perform better in both science and mathematics.

An award-winning firm is preparing to introduce the initiative, called LEARN Education, to many schools across the country. And the educational innovation has already garnered positive results at 30 test schools.

“Student performance has improved by 31 per cent in the Ordinary National Educational Test (Onet) during the three years that the LEARN Education system has been implemented,” said Tanin Timing, managing director of Learn Education.

Conducted through collaboration between the firm and Sahawit School in Suphan Buri province, the study shows that the LEARN Education system has made learning at schools all the more interesting, fun and efficient.

Today, the LEARN Education system is being used in 30 schools nationwide.

“We plan to increase this number to 40-50 schools by the end of this year,” Tanin said.

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