Thailand’s junta reportedly building China-style Firewall

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Thailand’s ruling military junta is reportedly planning to set up a Chinese-style Great Firewall in order to boost its ability to block or censor websites and services it doesn’t like. The proposal was apparently discovered online by a Thai Twitter user Prem Sichanugrist earlier this week, who stumbled across it in an official government repository of cabinet resolutions posted online, Telecom Asia reports.


The resolution from Thailand’s military leaders, led by General Prayuth Chan-o-cha, allegedly orders the Ministry of information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the national police to “set up a single internet gateway in order to control inappropriate websites and to control the flow of information into the country from overseas via the internet.”


Sichanugrist also came across a second order that gave agencies until September 4 to suggest which laws need to be amended to allow authorities to start blocking websites legally.

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