HIV/AIDS Immigration Ban Preventing Entrance to US Lifted After 22 Years

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The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, commonly known as AIDS is the most advanced stage of infection with the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV. Basically, persons who are suffering from aids become weak due their defective immune system. The HIV virus was globally recognized as a lentivirus, meaning "slow virus", which gradually attacks the immune system.

HIV and AIDS Immigration Ban

In history, the first cases of AIDS in the United States were recorded when gay men from California and New York were infected in the 1980's. The outspread of the disease in the world was so fast that in 1986 more than 85,000 cases of AIDS infection have been reported from 85 countries.

Due to the fear of the disease and shortage of health resources, the Department of Health and Human Services added to the list of communicable diseases. This act prohibited HIV infected persons from entering the United States and prevented residents infected form acquiring legal permanent residency.

The ban became stricter due to the passage an amendment on the HIV immigration law which removed the rule allowing HIV infected immigrants to stay in the US if they have been in the US continuously for seven years provided they would suffer extreme hardship if required to return home. Under the amendment, a family member of the immigrant should be the one who will suffer exceptional and extreme hardship rather than the applicant alone.

Lifting of the Ban

After 22 years of discrimination, the ban has been finally lifted by President Obama. This Monday, January 4, 2010, the fight to remove the ban finally ended. This change brought hope to potential immigrants who are infected with HIV but want to reunite with their family in US. This certainly is one of the best moves in US Immigration law.

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