Tourist visa to USA

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Obtaining a tourist visa to go to the USA is virtually impossible for a Thai citizen unless he/she can prove, to the satisfaction of the USA Embassy, a "compelling reason" to return to Thailand. In most cases that means financial reasons, reasons about which evidence can be provided such as a good, lucrative job that has been held for a substantial period of time, a bank account that shows good amounts of money and a good regular income (don't try stuffing her bank account. They'll see right through it), higher education, ownership of property, etc.

In may ways, the fact of your marriage actually can reduce her chances of obtaining the visa. The embassy's position is that it may be a marriage of convenience. Too many incidents have taken place in which a married couple goes to the USA, ostensibly for a holiday, and then the Thai spouse takes off, never to be heard from again or a separation or divorce quickly occurs.

Also, you cannot personally have anything to do with her attempt to obtain the visa. Letters of guarantee from you, surety bonds, immigration attorneys, or anything similar carry no weight in the decision.

Also, you did not mention your wife's age. Please don't be insulted by this, but if the embassy so much as suspects that she has been involved in prostitution, they will not grant a visa.

It's difficult, but people do succeed. The best I can advise is to put together as much documentary evidence as you can come up with of that "compelling reason" for her to return to Thailand and hope for the best.

Please let us know how it turns out.

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Thanks for your response Thaimo, You have re-enforced what I have read. However we have good friends in a very similar position that have been granted a ten year visa 2 1/2 years ago. They have been to America and she returned to Thailand. Do you have personal experience? Or are are you basing your response on internet research, like I have been.

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