The Use of Drama in the Classroom

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The students at MIS Year 5 are all around 10 and 11 years old. While there are many students from around the world, what these children have in common is being immersed in the English language during instruction time at this Pattaya international school.


Since literacy is comprised of the four elements of reading, writing, listening and speaking, I’ve found that the use of drama in the classroom helps children become successful in all four areas. In particular, in those whose second language is English, confidence, fluency and good times are the natural by-products of drama and theatre in class.


Although play script creation began in the earlier years, many of the students in Year 5 are becoming more acquainted with acting, its strategies, and the use of emotion and humor, through acting this year.

Just recently, the After-school Drama Club staged several performances of “Little Rabbit Foo Foo” for Year 5 and other classes. The children were very proud of their work and pulled together all the different stage aspects of memorization, use of voice, stage directions, editing scripts, and costume and prop creation.

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