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Pesticides Threaten Thailand’s Reputation as Food Exporter

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by Steve Sandford

Thailand has long been recognized as a leading exporter of rice and other agricultural produce. But tests for pesticide residues are raising concerns about whether the food is safe.

Here, in the hills of Northern Thailand, farm workers like Inson face the constant pressure of producing optimum harvests for overseas clients.

Many farms rely on imported chemical pesticides and fertilizers to help meet demand. But, although the chemicals are readily available, many workers are not sure how to safely use them.

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“Right now many farmers and consumers are at risk to get pesticides in their bodies. Most of the farmers are using pesticides to spray on their crops. The consumers will ingest pesticides from eating vegetables and fruits from those farms," he said.

As the government promotes Thailand as the 'kitchen of the world', critics say that a serious overhaul of regulations and restrictions needs to be enforced so that the reforms will be taken seriously - protecting both consumers and farm workers from the chemicals.

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This could be a huge problem for Thailand as more and more people try to eat organic and naturally grown foods. I avoid foods with pesticides as much as possible.

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